5 Times the #of Adults Need Pureed Foods than Babies

baby-food-shelf-store-jars-packets-ready-to-use-supermarket-sainsbury-shop-bedford-united-kingdom-33273774With our Aging & Ill Population, there are a myriad of conditions that cause adults to need pureed foods. For the 15 million people who have Dysphagia (swallowing issues), coupled with the millions who have chewing and digestive issues, access to pureed foods is imperative to sufficient nutritional status. Bear in mind, these statistics do not include those in the post-bariatric community.  They need pureed foods for about 11 weeks after surgery. Even with this great need, we do not see one pureed meal brand in retail! Conversely, grocery and drug store chains, such as Whole Foods and CVS, offer 3-6 baby food brands for babies. What is retail waiting for? Why are they so reluctant to take on a new product category that will serve millions more in need? This is disgraceful and exposes a great bias in our country against this population. How can we change this? Our country needs to respect and take care of our elderly and ill. This underserved market has the least choice of foods in the nation. What will it take to help this community? They should no longer be a silent majority of sufferers. Kimberly-Clark (the maker of Depends adult diapers) did wonders for people with incontinence.  They set them free to continue to explore the world instead of being housebound to avoid being embarrassed in public. Why do the diseases and conditions with huge charities that fund huge staffs get all the attention? Everyone else is invisible. Retail needs to pay attention to the changing needs of this under-served demographic.  It is time to help and honor the people that suffer with these conditions. The media is also guilty. I have yet to see even one pureed meal recipe on a cooking show or food magazine. So, what will it take?


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