Ireland called….


So I have tried to get a delicious option of pureed meals into U.S. supermarkets and drug stores to no avail. They offer absolutely no pureed meals for our elderly & ill. Even though caregivers need another convenient choice for their loved ones, retail keeps ignoring. this demographic. They would rather add a 30th choice of frozen gluten free bread or another $8 fruit drink.

Yet, there are more people who need pureed food than babies eating baby food. You will see dozens of choices of baby food at these markets too. 

And of course hospitals & nursing homes want the cheapest food and are not that interested in taste nor if the patient eats.  As long as they show they served it they can write it up that the patient did not want to eat. When in fact either the person cannot eat the solid food they are served (since they were not diagnosed for a pureed food diet) or they are served pureed foods that are so tasteless they cannot stomach it.

A couple months ago I received a call from a business owner in Ireland looking for another better tasting option to add to their repertoire of pureed meals for their elderly & ill.  I was flabbergasted!  Why does Ireland care about their elderly & ill more than we do?  Talk about discrimination, our elderly & ill suffer through it every day.

Of course we are a start-up and our export costs would not work at this time. He renewed my faith that there are people who care. My hope is that there are retailers out there who aren’t just another sheep following the herd. We just have yet to find them here..



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